Gamer Girl Copypasta

Gamer Girl Copypasta

This gamer girl copypasta may be parody of a 2015 copypasta that asks a girl to play Left For Dead 2 with a gamer. The question is, are you a gamer girl, or not? You are not. The copypasta’s author is not the only one to have tried this out, but it may be an example of how other gamer girls get the idea that they need to be a gamer, too.

You’re not a gamer

If you’re not familiar with copypasta, it’s text that’s copied and pasted onto sites that aren’t actually written by people. Copypasta, like troll art, is meant to spread like wildfire. However, some sites take a bit too far in this regard. It’s not just about gaming-related stuff. It can also be about anything else, like sexy girls, or anything else you can think of.

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