New Artist Spotlight: Toigo Does Indie Pop Right With New Single, ‘We’ve Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken’ [Video]

With multiple excellent releases dating back to 2014, an epic look that’s a cross between Rick Rubin and Yosemite Bear and a falsetto that rivals Jeff Buckley or Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, Toigo should truly be mega-famous by now. One gets the impression from his music, however, that fame isn’t really what Toigo (full name Zachary Toigo) is after. With with a brand of indie pop rock as well-crafted as it is joyful and interesting, it seems that Toigo makes art purely for the love of it. Nonetheless, with his latest electronica-infused singles “We’ve Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken,” “Starchild” and “Another Shade of Blue,” let’s see if we can put him on the EDM map.
Right out of the gate with his debut album Leafyleaks, Zachary’s then more acoustic-based work was pretty freaking flawless. With lashings of Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie, Zachary’s sound was as well-developed as his voice pretty much from jump. In the interstitial work he’s done between that first album and now, Toigo has only further developed his craft, playing with loads of other styles and genres but really just putting his own stamp on and excelling at them all. From grunge to Ben Folds-style piano rock to a bit of synth pop on his 2020 singles “Milos” and “Perfectly Clear,” it also didn’t seem like Toigo was trying too hard to venturing out of his depth. He’s just that versatile.
Rolling up the Toigo timeline to present, “We’ve Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken,” “Starchild” and “Another Shade of Blue” are technically the first teasers off his upcoming EP, due out in late February or March. Still very much in indie pop and now working with Grammy winning producer Brian Howes, these two singles are laced with electronic production that brings Toigo’s work to yet another echelon of awesome. Hearkening back to the heyday of Hot Chip, Cut Copy and other electro indie pop acts of the late 00s, the first thing that jumps out on these tracks is his voice. Somewhat obscured by guitars in previous offerings, now the pitch-perfect, rich and incredible range of his vox shines thought, especially on “We’ve Got Tonight…” where a dazzling falsetto chorus takes the song from great to “why the hell isn’t this all over the radio?” Seriously, why?
Since music seems to just flow out of this guy and he nails every genre he touches, it’ll be interesting to see where Toigo goes next and what the rest of his forthcoming EP has in store. In the meantime, we’re happy to have that brilliant falsetto on the synth side of things. No matter what genre, however, this is a bandwagon you’ll want to jump on.



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